Dixero International SA

Dixero International SA

1 years 3 months

Dixero Media Technology is a Swiss leading-edge technology company focused on the development and management of multimedia platforms, web and mobile applications with specific attention to the digital music streaming and e-commerce sectors.


  • Developed the second generation of, an online music shop, as the only developer on the project in less than 3 months - Musicload was one of the oldest digital music services in Germany, established in 2003 by Deutsche Telekom AG, later acquired by Dixero Media Technology.
  • Developed a brand new music streaming iOS app for Gruppo Telecom Italia, called TIMmusic. (previously Cubomusica) - TIMmusic is a music streaming service, offering an extensive catalog of italian and international music, exclusive previews and radio playlists to Telecom Italia customers.
  • Developed a music streaming iOS app for Banca Intesa, called Superflash Live
  • Developed a reliable system for delivering push notifications to millions of app users each day (supported platforms, iOS, Android and Microsoft)
  • Optimize the music/video search engine
  • Play a crucial role in selecting technology stack, setting up HA architecture (MongoDB, Varnish cluster, Jetty servers, HAProxy, Solr)
  • Develop a CMS for our content editors.
  • Senior Software Engineer / Mobile Lead

    Oct 13 - Dec 141 years 3 months

    Ljubljana, Slovenia / Lugano, Switzerland


    • Develop numerous iOS, Android and Web applications.
    • Collaborate with other members and successfully keep the projects on schedule.
    • Interview candidates and evaluate their technical knowledge.
    • Work on a music recommendation system.
    • Develop a reliable system for delivering push notifications to our users


    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Python
    • AWS
    • Mathematica
    • Spring
    • Closure
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • Django
    • Bash
    • Nginx
    • Ubuntu Server