I'm Tim Rijavec, developer, deviser, dreamer, inventor, maker, incessant learner and a passionate traveler.

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My Background

I currently work as a Principal Engineer at TrustedHousesitters.com, overseeing the development of both the Mobile App and Web. My recent projects include iOS and Android Apps using React Native, web rewrite in ReactJS, Message queuing service, Search engine, and a Media management system. I am leading a team of engineers working on a variety of projects, giving mentorship and direction to my colleagues.

As a software engineer, I strive to write top notch and well working high availability software. I have a wide background in the software development process, covering design, coding, debugging, testing and maintenance. I have designed and implemented many adaptable solutions that support functionality changes.

When not coding, I can probably be found spending time outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, playing basketball or getting ready for a road trip adventure.

Technical Skills


  • TrustedHousesitters.com


    4 years 6 months
    • Principal Engineer & App and Web Engineering Lead
    • Lead Engineer
    • Full Stack Engineer
    • As the only developer on the project, I've built an award-winning TrustedHousesitters app. It was named the winner of the Most Effective B2C App at 2018 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.
    • I've been a mentor to many engineers from graduates to senior.
    • Wrote a media management service for photos, videos, and other documents.
    • Designed and implemented a search system that decreased page load time by 40%.
    • Wrote a series of deployment tools that saved hours of development time each week.
    • Planned and supervised development of the REST API.
    • Setup continuous delivery and deployment using CI
    • Leading a multifunctional team of web and app engineers.
  • Dixero International SA

    Dixero International SA

    1 years 3 months
    • Senior Software Engineer / Mobile Lead
    • Developed the second generation of Musicload.de, an online music shop, as the only developer on the project in less than 3 months - Musicload was one of the oldest digital music services in Germany, established in 2003 by Deutsche Telekom AG, later acquired by Dixero Media Technology.
    • Developed brand new music streaming iOS app for Gruppo Telecom Italia, called TIMmusic. (previously Cubomusica) - TIMmusic is a music streaming service, offering an extensive catalog of Italian and international music, exclusive previews and radio playlists to Telecom Italia customers.
    • Developed music streaming iOS app for Banca Intesa, called Superflash Live
    • Developed a reliable system for delivering push notifications to millions of app users each day (supported platforms, iOS, Android and Microsoft)
    • Optimize the music/video search engine
    • Play a crucial role in selecting technology stack, setting up HA architecture (MongoDB, Varnish cluster, Jetty servers, HAProxy, Solr)
    • Develop a CMS for our content editors.
  • Delo d.d.

    Delo d.d.

    3 years 1 months
    • Full Stack Engineer
    • Redesign of Delo.si.
    • Redesign of Slovenskenovice.si using Drupal for the framework.
    • Developed the ‘Delo one’ account, a single sign-on (SSO) authentication process that allows a user to access all of their websites (Delo.si, Slovenskenovice.si, Ddom.si, ...) with one set of login credentials.
    • Improved Delo.si (companies main website) load time by 30% with simple database and code optimization.
    • I've integrated all companies web applications with the caching system that decreased page load time drastically (more than 50%).
    • Setting up HA architecture (MySQL, Varnish, Apache, Solr, Memcached).
    • Implemented a book-like webview of the digitalized newspaper archive.
  • ZootFly


    1 years 3 months
    • Game Developer
    • Integrated Slovenian battlefield Poček into the 3rd party game engine VBS2.
    • Developed in-game voice communication system for Military Vehicle Crew Simulator - VCS system for Guardiaris
  • Fortheia.si


    4 years 8 months
    • Freelance Software Developer
    • Developed the CMS and CRM for the next generation of the company’s web applications
    • Worked on a series of tools on an open source ERP for SME
    • Defined an algorithm that simplified tracking trucks and vans on known routes that save up ~60% on traveled distance and the associated costs.
  • IPKO Telecommunication

    IPKO Telecommunication

    7 months
    • Software Developer
    • Build a tool for generating questionnaires and forms for collection and validation of user data in HTML and JavaScript
    • Development of the companies intranet
    • Develop a tool for creation and management of online forms
  • Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration

    Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration

    10 months
    • Software Developer
    • Developed numerous modules for generating yearly reports on the work for agencies intranet
    • Simplify the development process of new modules
  • Sonce.net


    10 months
    • Junior Software Developer
    • Turning design into HTML / JavaScript / Flash websites
    • Developed a communication protocol between PHP and Flash
    • Worked on websites for Citroen C3 Slovenia, Raketa.si, Kengurujcek.si