I'm Tim Rijavec, developer, deviser, dreamer, inventor, maker, incessant learner and a passionate traveler.

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My Background

I am currently working as a tech lead, focusing on leading mobile app and web development and providing technical support and assistance to engineers, product and engineering managers throughout the systems development life cycle.

As a software engineer, I strive to write top notch and well working high availability software. I have a wide background in the software development process, covering design, coding, debugging, testing and maintenance.

When not coding, I can probably be found spending time outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, playing basketball or getting ready for a road trip adventure.

Technical Skills

* worked in the past or actively learning


  • TrustedHousesitters.com


    5 years 3 months
    • Principal Engineer & App and Web Engineering Lead
    • Lead Engineer
    • Build an award-winning TrustedHousesitters mobile app
    • Lead the development of TrustedHousesitters website
    • Designed and lead the development of RESTful API
    • Redesigned and optimised search engine queries and improved search page speed by 200%.
    • Implemented CI/CD pipeline, docker container service deployment process and app e2e testing framework.
  • Dixero International SA

    Dixero International SA

    1 years 3 months
    • Senior Software Engineer / Mobile Lead
    • Developed the second generation of Musicload.de, an online music shop - Musicload was one of the oldest digital music services in Germany, established in 2003 by Deutsche Telekom AG, later acquired by Dixero Media Technology
    • Developed brand new music streaming iOS app for Gruppo Telecom Italia, called TIMmusic. (previously Cubomusica) - TIMmusic is a music streaming service, offering an extensive catalog of Italian and international music, exclusive previews and radio playlists to Telecom Italia customers.
    • Developed music streaming iOS app for Banca Intesa, called Superflash Live
    • Developed a reliable system for delivering push notifications to millions of app users each day (supported platforms, iOS, Android and Microsoft)
    • Developed a recommender system using Bayesian ranking
  • Delo d.d.

    Delo d.d.

    3 years 1 months
    • Full Stack Engineer
    • Redesign of Delo.si.
    • Redesign of Slovenskenovice.si using Drupal for the framework.
    • Developed the ‘Delo one’ account, a single sign-on (SSO) authentication process that allows a user to access all of their websites (Delo.si, Slovenskenovice.si, Ddom.si, ...) with one set of login credentials.
    • Performance tuned MySQL database, optimised client SQL queries and reduced page load time by 30%
    • I've integrated all companies web applications with the caching system that decreased page load time drastically (more than 50%).
  • ZootFly


    1 years 3 months
    • Game Developer
    • Integrated Slovenian battlefield Poček into the 3rd party game engine VBS2.
    • Developed in-game VoIP system for Military Vehicle Crew Simulator - VCS system for Guardiaris
  • Fortheia.si


    4 years 8 months
    • Freelance Software Developer
    • Developed the CMS and CRM for the next generation of the company’s web applications
    • Worked on a series of tools on an open source ERP for SME
    • Defined an algorithm that simplified tracking trucks and vans on known routes that save up ~60% on traveled distance and the associated costs.
  • IPKO Telecommunication

    IPKO Telecommunication

    7 months
    • Software Developer
    • Build tools for generating questionnaires and forms for collection and validation of user data in HTML and JavaScript.
    • Develop a tool for creation and management of online forms.
    • Development of the companies intranet.
  • Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration

    Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration

    10 months
    • Software Engineer
    • Developed numerous modules for generating yearly reports on the work for agencies intranet
    • Simplify the development process of new modules
  • Sonce.net


    10 months
    • Junior Software Engineer
    • Developed a communication protocol between PHP and Flash.
    • Worked on websites for Citroen C3 Slovenia, Raketa.si, Kengurujcek.si.
    • Turning design into HTML / JavaScript / Flash websites.